Signature Scent Sprays

Signature Scent Sprays
Lotions & Potions Signature Scent Creation

Create your own Signature Scent. How totally fun is that! We invite you to explore our scent bar with nearly 600 fragrance oils for you to experience.

A helpful Perfumer will be your guide on an aromatic journey through our Fragrance Blending Bar … which you'll remember each time you use your new custom scent. A Signature Scent Creation can take 20-or-so-minutes so plan to treat your olfactory receptors to many wonderful smells, as the Perfumers demonstrate on special blotter strips, the scent combination YOU choose!

Each Signature Scent contains from 2 to 6 components. You will choose between a round or rectangle atomizer, which will be encased in a special organza pouch.

Can you create a special name for it? Yes! Will the formula be kept on file? Yes! Will you leave the shop with a one-of-a-kind scent based on fragrance components you love? Positively YES!

Create Your Own “Signature Scent” You don’t have to be Royalty, a Rock Star or Celebrity to have your own Fragrance! Kings, Queens and Celebrities pay thousands of dollars for this service. Now YOU will take the role of creating your own!

Perfumery is a blend of Art, Science & Magic… Come in and relish this unique experience for yourself! ___________________ Lotions & Potions can make your olfactory dreams come true! Heads will snap in your direction…people will follow you in the malls, Asking you about your own unique aroma! It happens everyday in our world!

You will receive Eau de Parfum, which is the highest percentage of fragrance ingredients. We will keep your private formula on file forever, so that friends & family can re-order it for you.

We can “Mix OR Match” your Signature Scent into all types of Body Care—Body Butters, Body Wash, Massage Oils, Body Lotions, Foaming Soap and much MORE! Highlights • Create your own Custom fragrance • 2oz. bottle (round or rectangle) + organza pouch • Nearly 600 oils on our scent bar to choose from • Order Natural Body Care to mix or match

We are sorry, but…Please do not ask us to--

1. Please do not request that we "Match or recreate” a scent that is or was made by someone else. Ditto--the scent of a lotion or candle. With the hundreds-of-thousands of fragrance components in the world, it's far too complicated and costly…and is not our "schtick". We're all about the excitement of the process of creating a new scent for you! 2. We cannot Create a scent 30 minutes before we close. We love to make fragrances all day but we close on time and invariably, there will usually be other customers who need assistance also. The earlier you visit the store, the more the Perfumers will love you and the more time you have to complete your selection and create your fragrance. Last reservations for each day are one hour before closing.

Daily Deal offered on Living July 27, 2011