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100% Natural


Essential Oils

by now offers to you

Aromatherapy Mood Blends by Aroma Terra!


 Synergistic  "Mood" Blends consist of the very

finest grade,

highly effective

100% Natural

Therapeutic Essential Oils from all over the globe!



Aromatherapy  "Mood Blends" are incorporated into

many different product formulations


Here are the general properties of each Aromatherapy Mood Blend


Aphrodisia - to Enhance Your Romance

Invigorating - to Energize and Awaken Mind & Body

Meditation - to Enhance Enlightened states with the Divine

Muscle Soother - for Achey Joints & Muscles & alleviation of inflammation

Positive Thoughts - for a Sense of Well-being and to Uplift and Balance mood swings

Tranquility - to Calm the nervous system, Mind and Body